10 Growth Hacking Techniques that work best for Startups

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Using Growth Hacking Techniques is the best way to boost your startup’s growth and bring in more value. But finding the right techniques can be time-consuming and sometimes even very tedious. Which is why we are here to guide you through the process.

  1.       Guest posting is one of the Growth Hacking Techniques that works very well. You get to promote your company while also having a professional presence in another industry blog. It’s great and a reliable way to take your business to new heights.
  2.       Use influencer marketing. This is one of the best Growth Hacking Techniques out there because it’s simple and convenient. You just have to find the best industry influencers and connect with them to capture their audience’s interest.
  3.       Study customer feedback and improve your product. Being active on social media, forums and places where your audience gathers is a great way to access feedback. And then you can use that feedback to make your offer better all the time.
  4.       Create videos and post them online. These videos can be informative, educational or even full of satire. But it’s important to have a video presence online, as this is one of the mediums with the most growth.
  5.       Design and implement simple opt-in forms. These are great for your email marketing. And it also shows that you care about customers being informed all the time.
  6.       Harness the power of referral marketing. We found that referral marketing is very good as long as you provide customers with an incentive to share your stuff. Be it free features or discounts, these are great ways to make your audience connect with friends so they can get amazing benefits.
  7.       Create a freemium option for your offer. What you have to realize is that most of your customer base will not try your product or service right away due to the lack of money. So what you can do is to offer a free, yet limited version. People are always more willing to spend money if you try before you buy stuff.
  8.       Narrow your focus. It’s easy to try and expand your startup in a variety of ways. But in the end you still need to narrow down what you want to experience and achieve with your business. It keeps you grounded and more focused on the overall goal.
  9.       Capitalize on customer impatience. Showing how many other customers are seeing your product or making purchases is important here. It will automatically activate the idea that you might be missing the product if you don’t act now. And that alone really helps a lot, so try to consider that.
  10.   Build up your own social community. We found this to be one of the better Growth Hacking Techniques because you get immediate feedback and some great ideas from the customer base. They want you to succeed, so listening to them is imperative for your growth.

You should consider using these Growth Hacking Techniques if you want the best possible results. Nothing is impossible as you try to reach the utmost success. In the end it all comes down to experimenting and trying out stuff to see what works for you and what doesn’t. Then you can ask your audience and adapt or adjust as you go along!

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