We want to become your strategic and long-term partner in, among other things web and communication. we can strengthen your marketing department with our competent team

Web Development

tidma excels in web production for companies with high ambitions

Today, everyone searches for a company like yours and discovers you online.

It is essential that you not only have a website but a website that looks impressive, is very functional, and provides information and value to your existing and potential customers.

In tidma we create professional websites from A to Z. You get a custom design that perfectly matches your brand identity. The most important thing is that your site looks modern and has the latest features.

WordPress, Joomla, tidma web builder, PHP

App Development

Putting the exciting world of mobile apps at your fingertips

tidma is an essential player in the exciting world of mobile apps. Today, almost all companies need their own app. When up to 98% of your customers mobile browsing, it is imperative to have your own app that your customers can download.

This gives customers a simple and better way to use your website, order products, and services, make bookings,updated about your latest sales, discounts, development, and more. This is often the most important and cost-effective thing you can do for your business.

You will be satisfied with our efficiency and competence in terms of excellent application solutions that are always on time and during the budget.

System Development

Customized applications to expand your capacity

Customized software solutions are the main factor that can give you a significant advantage over your competitors. While others struggle with old business practices, you quickly satisfy your customers with customized software that can perform significantly more. Remember, when the software is created for you, your competitor will never have it.

A single, good, exclusive program can make you the best in your industry. tidma uses the industry’s best methods for planning, designing, creating, and testing the desktop programming we create for you. We start by listening to your ideas, challenges, and future plans. Then our programmers turn it into a software solution that creatively gives you precisely the features you need.

Digital Marketing

Exciting and efficient digital management from tidma

digital marketing mockup

In today’s business world digital advertising and marketing is the core of the business building. Where companies used to have an ad agency manage their network television advertising, today’s power players have digital managers who control their countless ads and content that spread across the Web and social media.

Managing a big digital ad and content campaign can be very complicated and time-consuming It can require advanced software that your team may not be aware of or know how to operate. Creating content is a specialized field that requires experienced and very knowledgeable writers who understand how to engage the audience and skillfully advance your brand.

Facebook business manager, Google Ads, Google analytics, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, Landing Pages, Marketing Automation

Branding and Design

You get just seconds to impress prospects with the power of your brand.

It’s vital that your brand is communicated clearly, projects important benefits, and lends an air of confidence customers respond to. Your quality branding also helps customers and your larger market remember your company, what you do, and the value you can bring to their lives.

Here on tidma, we are experts in creating brands and managing brand creation and growth programs. We handle everything from logo and website design to creating brochures and one-sheets to establishing your corporate identity and creating your Corporate Identity Manual.


From A to Z, tidma is your “one-stop shop” for branding We give you custom service and intense expert attention tidma offer you design and brand management that accurately portrays and perfectly fits the goals, style, and personality of your company.

Web Design, Graphic Design, Company Profile, Corporate Identity, Company Identity Manual, Printed Matter ​

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

The many areas that tidma works within are constantly evolving and changing


Often, you need a team of SEO experts to look at your site or webshop and make suggestions. We can provide the full custom SEO Consulting your company needs to move up in search engine rankings. This can mean a significant increase in targeted visitors to your site.

Whether you want to get more potential customers, want to improve awareness of your brand on the market, or need more direct sales, tidma SEO Consulting may be precisely what you need.

We can also offer consultation and implementation. We discuss your goals and visions. We create an SEO program that will help you achieve these goals. Then we conduct all search engine optimization on your website.

Plans and Strategies

tidma is superior in business development. Developing your business is our most important task

You start a business to succeed. Plodding along with sluggish sales and lackluster profits, wasn’t in the plan. Now you need new, focused ideas that have proven results.

tidma has the right experience and expertise to be able to give you the smart strategies and tools you need to develop your business entirely.

It is not uncommon for our customers to increase their sales at an impressive rate in the first year. It’s a success that you can trust.

business development

Localization and Translation

Culturally adapt your products or services from one language to another

Just translating a text into another language works great for specific purposes. The text still becomes understandable. Anyone who knows the language understands the meaning of the text – and that is the most important thing, right? No, for a translated text to be suitable for real, it requires more than that.

For us on tidma, localization is about cultural adaptation and translation of business documents, software, and web pages. One can localize a material for a specific region or country. For example, different dialects of Spanish are used with different local expressions, styles, and cultural phenomena in Latin America.

Maintenance and Training

The many areas that tidma works within are constantly evolving and changing

tidma is a professional organization that offers an extensive range of services in technical, design, and communication. We also offer different types of strategic services. In short, tidma is your primary service provider if you want to develop your business.

We work hard to provide the very best service to all our customers. With tidma, you get our most advanced techniques and invaluable benefits through our expansive knowledge.

service agreement

Our service guarantee is that we will always make an effort to 100%. If for any reason you are unhappy with your service or have any questions, you can immediately contact our office. We work hard to solve any possible problems and make sure you are happy with our service.

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