Top 10 Digital Transformation Trends

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Digital Transformation is changing the world as we know it. And with new Digital Transformation trends coming all the time, it’s extremely important to stay on top of them and understand how everything fits and whether you can adapt and adjust these things in a way that really works. There are some great options to do so, all you need is the right approach and commitment.

  1.  5G is finally becoming the norm. It has been known for quite some time that this would be the future, and now it’s almost here. It’s great because it delivers amazing features and quality, all while making it easier for us to consume content and access various things online.
  2. Automation is also becoming more and more important. We rely on automation almost every day, and that’s an exciting prospect. But it can also become a tricky one unless it’s handled the right way. Relying on AI is a great option, yet we have to keep it under control.
  3.       Chatbots are very helpful and they help companies solve customer issues naturally. They are very handy and helpful, with the outcome being second to none every time.
  4. Another interesting technology right now is voice search. Voice assistants are becoming very powerful, and that means you get to have an amazing experience trying to find the results you want in the online world.
  5. We are finding more and more blockchain solutions designed to improve customer experience and make it a lot more cohesive. This is a crucial aspect because it makes it easier and safer for customers to solve their problems without worrying about security issues.
  6.  IoT is finally getting included in more and more homes. And around 20% of the IoT deployments are expected to have blockchain integration this year.
  7.  Augmented analytics are just as important. Data scientists need to rely on automated algorithms in order to find trends, study data sets and harness all data power. It’s challenging but also extremely impressive and rewarding.
  8.  AR is crucial right now and it’s becoming more relevant than VR. The reason is simple, you can implement it in devices without headsets if needed, and that alone brings in some amazing benefits and ideas to the table, which is always handy. Both AR and VR are extremely helpful in bringing a new dimension both to manufacturing and entertainment!
  9.  GDPR is changing Digital Transformation in ways you would not imagine. And it’s a good thing, because companies have to focus on privacy and that alone helps quite a bit.
  10.   Consumption based IT services are also getting more and more important. The as-a-service industry is growing and it also offers more consistency to customers.

These Digital Transformation trends are prevalent and they are bringing in quite the advantage as you might imagine. It totally delivers the value and quality you want, while also bringing more control over the process. That alone really shows the amazing appeal and outstanding attention to detail you can get, so use that as an advantage and it will make quite the difference. That’s definitely something to keep in mind when it comes to Digital Transformation. The way we use technology changes, and Digital Transformation is a clear representation of those changes!

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