Which is the Best Social Media platform for your business: Facebook OR LinkedIn?

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test Finding the best Social Media platform for business can be a bit tricky since every business has its own set of requirements in the business world. But the thing that you will notice to be very popular is that most companies tend to have is a presence on most social platforms. Yet at the same time you wonder, what is the best Social Media platform for business based on your own requirements and features? Here are some tips to help.

Finding the best Social Media platform for business

This is tricky because the best Social Media platform for business differs based on what your business is about. Some companies are going to sell more via Instagram while others will bring more interaction via Twitter. On the other hand, other companies will benefit more via a professional presence on LinkedIn. The idea is to understand where your customers exist?. It also comes down to the type of interaction that you want or needs, and then you just go from there based on the situation at hand.


What Facebook does very well is it gives you a platform to connect with a lot of people. There are more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, so you can reach a massive audience. And the great thing about it is that Facebook can be used by any business, you can create a brand page, and followers can like it to show they are interested in it. You can also pay to boost your posts if you want.

A good thing about Facebook that makes it the best Social Media platform for business is that you can write simple posts but you can also link to your website. And these links might bring you more visitors and sales. You do need to update the content often and you are bound to be seen a certain way based on the number of followers.


LinkedIn, on the other hand, is a tiny bit different. The thing to keep in mind about this platform is that you can have a professional business profile everyone can see. Here you don’t have followers or all kinds of buttons to share content with the audience. But you can create written pieces that showcase your company message, ideas and so on. And on top of that, people get to see who is working for your business, it gives a more human aspect to your company. That’s very important especially in a world dominated by internet use.

As you can see, every platform has its own approach to promoting your business. The best Social Media platform for business is the one that gives you the most exposure. But in the end, it’s a good idea to have a professional presence on both Facebook and LinkedIn. With LinkedIn, you can have a serious business profile that will also show your employees and Facebook gives a much more relaxed way to inform customers, share content with them, provide support or promote posts for more exposure. Both of them are great, and you should consider having a profile for both of these platforms depending on your type of business.

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